The first bug discovered in Fallout 4

A particular settlement mission in Fallout 4 can’t be completed and transmits Fallout 4 crashes.


Multiple customers on Fallout 4’s official forums have recognized a bug in Fallout 4 that crashes the overall game.

The bug is linked to funds mission that asks gamers to visit Monsignor Plaza. Upon doing this, the overall game crashes to desktop.

“I must see Monsignor but each time I am going there it crashes right to the desktop with no error message, there isn’t one in case Viewer either,” stated one user.

Based on the user’s analysis, it seems the bug only occurs when you achieve a particular reason for the game’s story, stating that if you discover this mission sooner than he did, you might not possess the crash.

The bug seems also to affect PlayStation 4 and Xbox One customers.

It’s usually preferred waiting to Bethesda to produce an area, but when you do not mind poking around yourself, here’s what customers have attempted to far.